All suppliers of services and products need
a 'pitch', a series of insights, benefits and
return-on-investment models all woven
together in a story. This is the sales proposition
that can be delivered through numerous
contact points with your target markets.

We will work with you to build a strong
proposition based on the premise of three

'Resonate' - your potential clients must have
a need for what your selling.

'Differentiate' - potential buyers have to see
how you stand out from the crowd.

'Substantiate' - clearly demonstrates how
you can deliver on your promises.

"Steve is a very experienced Business Development Executive.
He took over the sales function at Fenergo in challenging
circumstances when there was no pipeline and built it up in a
short period of time to include some of the major Tier 1
Investment and Retail banks."

Alan Gordon - Consultant, Fenergo