Interim Sales Management

"I have a high regard for Steve Thomas as an
adviser on commercial direction and revenue growth
for professional services. I have personally sought
Steve's advice and guidance on many occasions,
as he provides a down to earth, straight talking,
no-nonsense approach. I have found his advice and
approach to be conductive to effective commercial
planning and execution".

Ivan Pulley - Enterprise Director TORI Global Ltd

It is important to get the main elements of sales
in place but it is equally important to make sure
that 'best practice' is continued. We are often
utilised to manage the whole sales process on
a part-time or interim basis.

On-going review of all sales processes and
the management of your sales team.

Performance measurements.

Continual mentoring and coaching.

Motivate and incentivise the sales function.

Increase pipline/profitable revenue.